Recent Patents

Since its inception in December of 2006, The Farrell Law Firm has obtained 4479 patents on behalf of its clients. Below are representative patents recently obtained by The Farrell Law Firm.
PAT. NO.Title (Click To View Abstract)
9,801,121 Electronic device and method of managing BS list thereof
9,801,092 Method and apparatus for controlling header compression function of terminal in a communication system
9,801,078 Method and system for transmitting/receiving neighbor base-station advertisement message in broadband wireless access system
9,800,993 Method and apparatus for setting profile
9,800,955 Method and system for sign language translation and descriptive video service
9,800,708 Operation method and system of mobile terminal
9,800,358 Method and system for protecting broadcast service/content in a mobile broadcast system, and method for generating short term key message threfor
9,800,289 Method and apparatus for frequency assignment in a frequency hopping mode of a wireless communication system
9,800,267 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving a quasi-cyclic low density parity check code in a multimedia communication system
9,799,138 Device and method for processing three-dimensional lighting
9,798,579 Method and apparatus for switching tasks using a displayed task stack
9,798,371 Electronic device and content display method thereof
9,795,343 Method and apparatus for providing biometric information
RE46,574 Paging apparatus and method in a mobile communication system providing multimedia broadcast multicast service
9,794,925 Method and apparatus for allocating resources of a control channel in a mobile communication system using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
9,794,914 RACH-related system resource optimization method and apparatus for wireless communication system
9,794,890 Method and apparatus for power control and multilplexing for device to device communication in wireless cellular communication system
9,794,882 Control method and system in a communication system
9,794,843 Method and apparatus for handover between content servers for transmission path optimization
9,794,799 Method and apparatus for performing carrier aggregation using ABS patterns in macro eNB of wireless communication system connected to heterogeneous network
9,794,474 Method for control of camera module based on physiological signal
9,794,035 Device and method for transmitting downlink control information in a wireless communication system
9,792,883 Apparatus and method for compositing image in a portable terminal
9,792,878 Method for content adaptation based on ambient environment of electronic device and electronic device thereof
9,791,963 Method and apparatus for detecting user input in an electronic device
9,791,277 Apparatus and method for measuring velocity of moving object in a navigation system
9,788,795 Magnetic resonance imaging method
9,788,345 Method and apparatus for allocating radio resource using random access procedure in a mobile communication system
9,788,315 Method and apparatus for allocating resource of multiple carriers in OFDMA system
9,788,275 Method for reducing current consumption and electronic device thereof
9,788,273 Method and system for paging reception optimization in LTE direct devices
9,788,272 Method of reducing consumption of standby current in a mobile terminal
9,787,942 Apparatus and method for setting up parallel call session based on 3-Box architecture
9,787,843 Electronic device and call-forwarding control method thereof
9,787,818 Emergency notification system and server
9,787,816 Method for reproducing contents and an electronic device thereof
9,787,811 Apparatus and method for providing incoming and outgoing call information in a mobile communication terminal
9,787,809 Electronic device with exterior metal frame antenna
9,787,504 Channel estimation method and apparatus for cooperative communication in a cellular mobile communication system
9,787,447 Method for transmitting a sounding reference signal in a LTE TDD system
9,787,380 Method and apparatus for managing control channel in a mobile communication system using multiple antennas
9,787,365 Method for preventing abnormality during wireless charging
9,785,319 Page operating method and electronic device thereof
9,785,315 Intelligent event information presentation method and terminal
9,784,846 System, method, and apparatus for compensating for ionospheric delay in a multi constellation single radio frequency path GNSS receiver
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