Recent Patents

Since its inception in December of 2006, The Farrell Law Firm has obtained 4517 patents on behalf of its clients. Below are representative patents recently obtained by The Farrell Law Firm.
PAT. NO.Title (Click To View Abstract)
9,820,290 Virtual antenna mapping method and apparatus for feedback of virtual antenna mapping information in MIMO system
9,820,282 Method for indicating a DM-RS antenna port in a wireless communication system
9,819,935 Image data compression considering visual characteristic
9,819,931 Method for performing out-focus using depth information and camera using the same
9,819,212 Method for detecting load in wireless charging priority
9,819,073 Electronic apparatus including antenna device
9,818,370 Apparatus and method for changing user interface of portable terminal
9,818,036 Apparatus and method for reproducing handwritten message by using handwriting data
9,813,532 Antenna and electronic device including the same
9,813,099 Electronic device with antenna device
9,812,893 Wireless power receiver
9,811,750 Character recognition and character input apparatus using touch screen and method thereof
9,811,246 Method for setting image capture conditions and electronic device performing the same
9,811,195 Touch screen with soft key enabling electromagnetic resonance input
9,811,176 Method for remote-controlling target apparatus using mobile communication terminal and remote control system thereof
9,807,716 Method and apparatus for providing common time reference in wireless communication system
9,807,585 Electronic device and method for recognizing the electronic device
9,807,439 Method for managing channel and electronic device therefor
9,807,345 Method for displaying EPG information including buddy information and receiver applying the same
9,807,343 Apparatus and method for changing mode of device
9,807,224 Method and apparatus for accessing services of a device
9,806,899 Apparatus and method for controlling remote user interface servers using a multicast message in a home network
9,806,869 Apparatus and method for transitting channel quality indicator and acknowledgement signals in SC-FDMA communication systems
9,806,864 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving reference signal in wireless communication system
9,806,853 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control information in a broadcasting/communication system
9,806,780 Method and apparatus for generating and transmitting channel feedback in mobile communication system employing two dimensional antenna array
9,806,755 Protective cover and electronic device having the same
9,806,554 Method of generating load variation for detecting wireless power receiving unit in wireless charging, and wireless power receiving unit
9,806,537 Apparatus and method for determining whether a power receiver is removed from the apparatus
9,805,733 Method and apparatus for connecting service between user devices using voice
9,805,724 Method and apparatus for voice recording and playback
9,805,291 Method and apparatus for stereoscopically rendering three-dimensional content by including a left image and a right image
9,805,242 Electronic device with touch sensor and driving method therefor
9,805,225 Apparatus for recognizing character and barcode simultaneously and method for controlling the same
9,804,867 Apparatus and method for managing virtual machine in mobile communication system using an edge cloud management controller
9,804,661 Apparatus and method for controlling power of electronic device
9,804,271 Adaptive GNSS power saving control
9,802,557 Method and apparatus for providing vehicle component fault scoring
9,801,121 Electronic device and method of managing BS list thereof
9,801,092 Method and apparatus for controlling header compression function of terminal in a communication system
9,801,078 Method and system for transmitting/receiving neighbor base-station advertisement message in broadband wireless access system
9,800,993 Method and apparatus for setting profile
9,800,955 Method and system for sign language translation and descriptive video service
9,800,708 Operation method and system of mobile terminal
9,800,358 Method and system for protecting broadcast service/content in a mobile broadcast system, and method for generating short term key message threfor
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