Recent Patents

Since its inception in December of 2006, The Farrell Law Firm has obtained 4173 patents on behalf of its clients. Below are representative patents recently obtained by The Farrell Law Firm.
PAT. NO.Title (Click To View Abstract)
9,642,120 Transmission method and apparatus in a wireless communication system in which a cell includes a plurality of subcells
9,641,996 Method and apparatus for generating P2P group for Wi-Fi direct service
9,641,967 Method and apparatus for sharing location information of electronic device
9,641,761 Electronic device for playing-playing contents and method thereof
9,641,019 Wireless power transmitter and method of controlling the same
9,640,921 Electrical connector and electronic device including the same
9,640,345 Electronic device having input button
9,639,962 Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding image files with animation data
9,639,933 Method for adaptive computer-aided detection of pulmonary nodules in thoracic computed tomography images using hierarchical vector quantization and apparatus for same
9,636,385 Use of collagenase to treat glaucoma
9,635,670 Method and apparatus for multiplexing frequency hopping in a communication system
9,635,642 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving CSI-RS operating in massive MIMO system FDD mode
9,635,525 Voice messaging method and mobile terminal supporting voice messaging in mobile messenger service
9,635,076 Apparatus and method for storing and playing content in a multimedia streaming system
9,634,949 Method and apparatus for supporting large service data unit in mobile communication system
9,634,865 Method of providing quick answer service in SIP message service system
9,634,854 Method and apparatus for sharing functions between devices via a network
9,634,785 Interference cancellation method of user equipment in cellular communication system
9,634,752 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving feedback information in a mobile communication system
9,633,225 Portable terminal and method for controlling provision of data
9,632,644 Multi-channel contact sensing apparatus
9,629,177 Method and apparatus for two-way broadcasting
9,629,108 Apparatus and method for controlling power amplifier bias
9,629,105 Methods for power headroom reporting, resource allocation, and power control
9,629,103 Method and apparatus for controlling uplink transmission power in wireless communication system
9,629,036 Method and apparatus for performing handover using packet data convergence protocol (PDCP) reordering in mobile communication system
9,629,032 Method for user relocation by home node B
9,628,862 Portable phone and method for providing incoming message notifications during video operations thereof
9,628,598 Method for operating application and electronic device thereof
9,628,534 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving adaptive streaming mechanism-based content
9,628,287 Method and system for storing session information in universal plug and play telephony service
9,628,239 Method and apparatus for allocating a control channel resource of a relay node in a backhaul subframe
9,628,233 Method of reference signal allocation in wireless communication systems
9,628,224 Device and method for optimizing compression level of HARQ signal
9,628,218 Apparatus and method for sending and receiving channel state information in communication system
9,628,198 Apparatus and method for canceling multi-user interference in wireless communication system
9,628,154 Apparatus for and method of channel quality prediction through computation of multi-layer channel quality metric
9,627,007 Method for displaying information and electronic device thereof
9,626,505 Method and apparatus for managing authentication
9,626,038 Input device
9,626,029 Electronic device and method of controlling electronic device using grip sensing
9,626,010 Touch pen, method and apparatus for providing touch function
9,626,009 Coordinate indicating device and coordinate measuring device for measuring input coordinates of coordinate indicating device
9,625,969 Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption of a portable terminal
9,622,291 Wireless communication method and apparatus supporting multiple communication services
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